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The Killer Kool Headwind Fan is an adjustable resistance unit that runs off a belt coming from the front drum of your Kreitler Rollers. The Headwind Fan has several functions. The main function is to add resistance. An adjustable air inlet controls the amount of resistance desired. When closed, the additional resistance is minimal. Wide open, the resistance is high enough for even the strongest riders. Check out the Wattage Chart (will open in a new window) for a numerical representation of the resistance created by the Headwind Fan.

The second function is to provide a cooling breeze. The Fan unit can be rotated to point the airflow high or low, and adjustable louvers can fine tune the side-to-side direction. Staying cool will make your workouts more enjoyable and is less stress on your body. The Fan attaches to the front left side of the Frame. You can also direct the airflow away from you if desired.


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The Flywheel is a simple, heavy device to add rotating mass to your Kreitler Rollers. Running off a belt connected to the rear drum of your rollers, the Flywheel creates a more natural road-like feel to riding rollers. Getting up to speed takes a little more effort, and momentary interruptions to your pedaling do not slow you down as much.

There is also an increase in resistance associated with using the Flywheel, due to the belt friction. Check out the Wattage Chart for more details (will open in a new window). The Flywheel works with the Standard Frame only, not the Kompact Frame. Left Side and Right Side versions are available for the Flywheel. There is no difference in performance whether you choose the Left or Right Flywheel. It is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to use 2 flywheels, so we offer both a Left and Right option.


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The Fork Stand bridges the gap between rollers and trainers. With the Fork Stand, you have the option of using your Kreitler Rollers without having to focus constantly on your balance. For maximum effort intervals, single-leg drills, or sharing your rollers with someone who doesn’t want the challenge of riding rollers, the Fork Stand is perfect. Two heights are available depending on the size drum you have. Heights are based on the Standard Kreitler Frame. The Fork Stand can be used with the Kompact Frame, but your bike will be slightly lower in the back than the front.