Thank you for your interest in Hetchins handmade classic frames & cycles. We hope the following will be of help answering any questions you may have about this most famous marque.

Although Hetchins framesets capture the look of a time sadly gone bye, they can in fact be constructed to accept the latest offerings from Campagnolo, Shimano, Mavic etc. Rear spacing, brake reach, among other variables will be 

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Seven Sisters Road Tottenham ALF HETCHINS in doorway circa 1972

photo courtesy of Bob Freeman

fabricated to your demands. Should you be more inclined to possess a period cycle, the frame will be built to accept older components such as Nouvo Record, Super Record, Zeus etc. Construction will feature all the correct braze ons and spacing  for these components.

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1939 "Bath Road 100" team winners L-R -Hetchins, Burgess 3rd, Hey 2nd, Firth 1st, Rangley

All Hetchins framesets are constructed using Reynolds 531C double butted tubing, standard.. This tubeset has recently celebrated its 6oth anniversary, and is by far the most proven of all current tubesets available. However Reynolds 653, 631, 753 and 853 framesets are available upon special request. When a Hetchins is so constructed its Curley or Vibrant seat and chainstays must still be fashioned from Reynolds 531 tubing. Should an entire frame of 653, 631, or even lighter

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1937 "Wembley Six Day Team" Hetch (the Guvnor), Van Kempen, Cor Wals and trainer

 753 and 853 be desired, the frame can be created with an orthodox rear triangle. With this in mind, it is very easy to build up a light weight, mechanically neoteric cycle of 20 pounds or less. All this with a minimum use of exotic components, while still retaining the ornate hand crafted look of a time sadly gone bye, soon to be lost to the starkness of carbon fiber, titanium and the crudeness of tig welded aluminum.

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1936 Lightweight Cycle Show, Horticulture Hall, London

Due to the vast flexibility in your choice of specifications, options, chrome plating, geometry and color etc., we are not stocking pre built Hetchins frames. Each one will be crafted individually, for a particular application, in Great Britain.

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Hetchins Anglo-Continental model, fitted with Osgear 1938

It is not difficult to own a cycle like no other. Hetchins are not only known world wide for their great ride and fantastic looks, but are considered by many to be works of art. A Hetchins is a fantastic investment for its intended purpose, but beyond that, their value down the road has been unsurpassed by any other marquee.

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Tony Merkens, World and Olympic Champion 1936 riding his Hetchins

To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Vibrant Rear Triangle patent, Hetchins has introduced a special edition commorative frame , Magnum Opus Oakham. This special edition Hetchins incorporates several design features, from years past, and several that are unique onto itself. The transfers found on this frameset, the paint scheme and sculptured lugs are to be found on no other cycle produced by Hetchins.

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Corky O'Brien and Rodman. U.S. track stars both riding Hetchins 1937

Naturally being a true custom built frame, virtually any desired geometry can be fashioned for you. Frames can be built using the most aggressive angles, to provide a super responsive ride, to the most laid back touring geometry, providing the touring cyclist a comfortable and stable ride. These angles, along with the Vibrant rear, combine to produce the ultimate 

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Hyman Hetchins with Corky O'Brien 1937

touring machine. Hetchins, over the past sixty years, has built everything from World and Olympic championship track bikes, to the much sort after Twicer Tandem. all this experience is funneled into every frame that bears the name Hetchins.

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